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Ski FAQs

Over the years we have heard it all, but some we have heard more than others. To follow are the most commonly asked questions and our well informed answers.

Q. Where is Shaker?

A. Either in the Saddle at Treble Cone or 'powdering his nose' care of Harris Mountains Heli-skiing!

Q. Where should I ski?

A. Well, by asking in store you have already come up with half the answer yourself - Wanaka. The other part in a nutshell is:
For the first ski holiday or great place to go with the family is Cardrona. Cardrona is famous for its amazing family facilities, open terrain and now, one of the best parks around for those who have no respect for their metal edged skis, are equally at home riding both ways and those who want to hit some massive kickers and challenge their freestyle riding; Treble Cone for the more adventurous spirits who know how to finish a turn and for those who seek the most varied terrain and the deepest snow in NZ; The Snowfarm rounds it out nicely for a most amazing day of solitude, fun and that great aerobic workout the mountains can deliver.

Q. How far is it to the ski resorts?

A. All about 40 minutes drive from Racers Edge although Shaker and Diana and a Nissan Bluebird set the pace a few years ago at a cracking 21 minutes.

Q. What do I do if my boots hurt?

A. It does happen. It can depend on your fitness, the shell fit and the snow conditions, but usually the bootfitters at Racers Edge can find a simple solution. There are a myriad of minute adjustments that can be made to produce a comfortable boot fit. The first step is onto our custom footbed machine - a must.

Q. Goggles or glasses?

A. Goggles for warmth and expanded vision on low light days and of course so much better if you bail. Glasses for the sun deck or the blue bird spring day. Kids - goggles every time.

Q. Performance or Executive Ski Equipment?

A. Executive skis are usually new seasons skis chosen off the retail rack to enhance even the most tentative skier's performance. Skiers can choose the best of the best or have one of our trained rental technicians make a recommendation. Performance skis are renewed every couple of years. They are generally rental specific and designed to offer a medium level of performance and be durable.

Q. It's always cold on the mountain - how do I keep warm?

A. Get layered. We do. Dump the cotton skivvies and grab an Icebreaker or two. Highly waterproof and windproof shell and insulated jackets and pants are a must, the more you spend the warmer you'll be in all mountain conditions and of course the better you'll look. Mittens keep kid's hands warmer than gloves, and women that suffer from the cold, there are mittens for you too without losing dexterity. Helmets are safe and warm. Neck-warmers do the business, and specific ski socks enhance warmth and comfort.

Q. What can I do if I don't ski?

A. Welcome to Wanaka! If you're up the mountain but not on the mountain, you can get a great view of the skiers and riders at all Wanaka's ski resorts. 
The cafés are legendary and at Treble Cone you can take a chairlift ride up the mountain. Off the mountain, Wanaka offers a plethora of fantastic cafés and shops to meander through. More active pursuits can include a magnificent jet boat ride up the Matukituki River, a free fall from 15,000ft courtesy of Skydive Wanaka, taste wines at Rippon Vineyard, go mountain biking and walking - the list is endless. See our Wanaka info tab on this site.

Q. How good do you have to be to go heli-skiing?

A. Shaker is the man to answer this one. "The best thing you can do in the mountains with your pants on!" Harris Mountains Heli-skiing, with it's office right in Racers Edge, has the experience and the terrain to give you a magical day in the mountains. This fully guided and catered service has operated since the 1980's. If you can make a reasonable turn on any ski resort, you can heli-ski. Maximise your day and guarantee yourself more fun with a wide profile ski from our Racers Edge ski rental.

Q. Do I need to pre-book my rental equipment?

A. Yes. As Wanaka has become known as the place to ski and board, we have become busier. It helps us to help you if you let us know your intentions. Go to the Rental page on this site and follow the instructions.