If the Faction brand name sounds radical and uncompromising, that’s for a reason. The firm’s ethos is one of rebellion and disruption, and of pushing an already exciting sport even further. When you strap on a pair of Faction’s backcountry skis, you’ll know what we mean — you’ll know that the passion you harbour for the mountain flows through the equipment and hardware you are connected with.

The word “Faction”, the brand is proud to announce, means “a minority group working within and in opposition to the majority group”. This is Faction in a nutshell — this is the philosophy of a team not content to put up with the status quo of modern skiing.

Of course, this is evident in the product that Faction provide. Take the CT 1.0 skis for example. These pieces of equipment are big on agility and power while remaining low on weight. Specially engineered to be extra durable, these Faction skis are ideal for hitting urban freestyle ski tricks, or for taking on some seriously gnarly lines off-piste. To put it simply, Faction know that their skiers want toughness and durability, and so this is exactly what they provide, time and time again.

But Faction is more than just a ski manufacturer. The team behind the firm is a collective, bringing together the best and brightest talent from the world of skiing. This means skiers, designers, gear manufacturers, and filmmakers; a wealth of creative talent that goes into making the brand what it is.

Anyone who has ventured onto any of Faction’s social media channels will be well aware of what this collective is capable of. This crew is repeatedly achieving the seemingly impossible, smashing boundaries, pushing envelopes, and just generally doing all manner of sick stuff of Faction’s exciting ski hardware.

So, what about the New Zealand market? Where do you go when you want to buy Faction Skis in Wanaka? Well, we are proud to say that our Wanaka ski shop should be your first and only point of contact. We have the ski hardware you need, as well as a range of the latest Faction skis just waiting for you to put them through their paces.

We are sincerely happy to be able to connect our customers with these incredible Faction products. Take a look at the range online or head over to our Wanaka ski shop in person to get a closer look.


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