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We have a lot to be proud of on the New Zealand electric biking scene. Some of the most fascinatingly rugged terrain found anywhere in the world, many of our planet’s most jaw-droppingly awesome vistas and viewpoints, and some of the most rewarding cross-country routes you are likely to encounter – all of these things can be found on our shores.

It makes sense, then, that some of the best electric bikes are also designed, built, and marketed right here in New Zealand. Enter Hiko Bikes – one of the finest Kiwi contributions to cycling hardware, and one of the prime choices for e-bikes from our Wanaka store.

Hiko is the Maori word for ‘electric’ or ‘power’. It’s a fitting title for these bikes which not only run on electricity but also provide their users with the power to explore and to get closer to the simply incredible landscape we find ourselves in. In fact, this name is extra appropriate, as it stays true to the ancient cultures who populated this land long before European settlers arrived here, and still do to this day. The tone is set for really getting to grips with the incredible country we all call home – and feeling that swell of pride for the land we all share.

As for the bikes themselves, there is a whole lot to fall in love with. Hiko has managed to balance the more forward-thinking aspects of e-bike technology with the classic lines and aesthetics that made us fall in love with biking in the first place. The electric components remain small and discreet, while still achieving the power required to get users where they need to be.

Coupling lightweight frames with robust tires enables riders to really enjoy themselves behind the handlebars of a Hiko. Anyone interested in buying an e-bike in New Zealand is seriously recommended to check these guys out – and to saddle up on a smart piece of Hiko technology next time they head out on the road.

Speaking of the saddle, Hiko has made sure that riders are suitably supported in this all-important area, utilising gel technology to secure supreme ride comfort. Power, poise, precision, prestige – all of this and more are your reward when you hit the road on a Hiko from the Racers Edge range.

So, it’s time to take a look for yourself. Interested in buying Hiko e-bikes in New Zealand? Racers Edge is exactly where you need to be. Browse our product range, and don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

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