Made for epic coastal wave adventures, Mullet is as playful, fun and awesome as it gets.

Like the mullet hairdo reminiscent of the rip-roaring 1980s, the team at Mullet Softboards are a cheeky, carefree lot. Never obsessed with competition and yet designed to perform, Mullet incorporates a moulded EPS core made from extruded polystyrene foam.

The compressed water-tight construction of the EPS core offers optimum buoyancy and durability, so you know you’re guaranteed performance and safety with every Mullet Softboard you purchase.

Moreover, all Mullet surfboards feature a stringer variation. The stringer used in Mullet surfboards is a carbon fibre rod running through the centre of the softboard. The stringer adds not only strength to the foam core but also the right amount of flex and recoil that help to increase the manoeuvrability of every Mullet surfboard.

Without these stringers reinforcing the core, your board would be at risk of snapping or falling apart when it’s subjected to tremendous pressure or when it is misused or abused (which could happen while you’re busy riding the waves). But since every Mullet is designed to withstand the forces of nature, you can focus on just having a blast.

Mullet Softboards are high-performance soft surfboards designed for your maximum enjoyment on the waves. By surfing with a Mullet, you can turn every surfing experience into something more exciting.

With Mullet’s wide range of soft surfboards, you’ll be so amped to surf that you’ll overlook the wave size and relish your time on the board instead.

Mullet Softboards cater to all kinds of surfers from all walks of life. Whether you’re a pro-level experienced surfer, intermediate skilled or an entry-level surf rider just starting to master the waves, Mullet has got the right surfboard to deliver a smooth yet thrilling ride.

Mullet surfboards are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. The exuberant hues and designs the brand is known for stand out from the crowd, just like the mullet hairdo and the unique surfer individual that you are.

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