Big biking ambitions need a suitably big bike. Not ‘big’ in the traditional sense, but ‘big’ in the sense of Giant. Giant is one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers. They provide cyclists from all over the world, with great bike designs. Designs to help keep them doing what they love the most.

But we hear your question – are these bikes tough enough to handle New Zealand terrain? Are they durable and light enough to give you that extra zip you need out on the road? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

Racers Edge stock a wide range of Giant bikes and equipment, giving cyclists just like you the hardware and support you need to achieve great things with your bike.

This means – whether you are on the single track, road, or triathlon course – you will find the perfect piece of equipment to help you reach that fun factor. Don’t forget the thrill and excitement that drew you into cycling for the first time. These bikes are built with these sensations in mind.


Mountain biking is tough – let’s make no mistake about that. It’s tough on you, it’s tough on your bike, and it can be tough on your wallet if you need to keep shelling out for new frames or repairs.

Giant recognises this. This is why they provide a range of strong, safe, ultra-high performance bikes designed to keep you in the saddle for longer.

Here you will find our extensive collection of Giant mountain bikes, each designed with dynamism, excitement and safety in mind. Dive right in and find the design you need, or get in touch with us for answers to any questions you might have.


  • Giant Trance Advanced 1 2017 Racers Edge Wanaka Ski Bike 300x260 - Giant

    Giant 2017 Trance Advanced 1 27.5 MTB

    The all-new Trance Advanced is engineered for speed on technical trails. The lightweight chassis is made with an Advanced-grade composite mainframe that features an updated Maestro Suspension system. A newly designed trunnion shock mount and an Advanced Forged composite upper rocker arm make the whole system lighter and stronger. You ...
    $5,669.99-10%$6,299.99 Read more
  • Liv Pique Advanced 1 2017 Racers Edge Wanaka Bike 300x260 - Giant

    Giant 2017 Women’s Pique Advanced 1 27.5 MTB

    Equal parts agile and tough, the Pique Advanced inspires confident downhill ripping, and will tackle the uphill at a blistering pace. With low stand-over height, find greater balance while moving around the bike during those tougher trail negotiations on rocky, rooty sections, uphill ledges and downhill drops. The 27.5-inch wheel ...
    $5,669.99-10%$6,299.99 Read more