Snow Rental Admin Vacancy

May 18, 2022


Position Title:                        Snow Rental Administrator


Reporting To:                        Snow Rental Manager, Floor & Admin Managers, and General Manager



Mission:                                 Motivate and enable people to have the best experience in the outdoors

Main Purpose:

·         To provide exceptional customer service and product advice, resulting in maximising sales, repeat business, customer base growth and a profitable business, in a great working environment.

  • Manage email, internet and telephone reservations and queries about rentals.
  • Ensure cash handling and cash ups are accurate and security is appropriate






 Customer Service


·       You are required to have a thorough knowledge of our snow products and services and be responsible for providing and ensuring outstanding customer service at all times to all customers.

·       You will ensure that all requests and queries received by your customers are responded to promptly in a friendly, professional manner.

·       You will be able to assess customer’s requirements and abilities, recommend appropriate product, make sales and when required, be able to fit boots, skis and boards.

·       You will provide the necessary level of technical advice to customers, ensuring the best service and fit in Wanaka

·       You will ensure all areas of the shop are kept clean and tidy, ensuring that all work areas are clean and workable at all times.

·       You will ensure the rental area is set up for the next shift.

Administration ·       You will manage all email, internet and telephone rental queries and reservations, recording all information appropriately.

·       You will ensure the integrity of our database by the timely and accurate input of information.

·       You will follow all other systems and processes to ensure the smooth running of the rental department.

·       You are responsible for the safe and accurate handling of all payment for rental products and services.

Returns and Customer care ·       You will make judgments and take appropriate action regarding returned goods, complaints and customer/ product issues as per established procedures

·       When in doubt, you will liaise with your Manager

Training and Tech sessions ·       You will be required to attend various training sessions to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the products we sell and rent, and our computer systems.

·       You will be out there ‘walking the talk’ as you have a passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors.

 Rental POS system ·       You will be competent in our Rental POS systems to a level you can train others and troubleshoot problems during your shift.
Communicate effectively with all staff and customers



·       You will actively participate in all shop meetings as required.

·       You will ensure relevant information is communicated to the next shift appropriately.

·       You will talk directly to your Rental Manager regarding new ideas and any issues which require attention

·         You will ensure shop security procedures are followed at all times, including staff purchasing procedures.

·         Shop lifting is occurring all the time and we encourage your vigilance in identifying occurrences, particularly around change rooms.

·         You will ensure that you position yourself, even when talking to other customers, in a way so you can keep an eye on the rental area.

Ensure revenue targets are met
·         Cross selling and upselling opportunities are maximized.

·         Budgeted revenue is achieved.

·         Costs are minimized.

Ensure the workplace complies with Health & Safety and other relevant legislation
·         You will be trained in the safe use of relevant plant and equipment and adhere to all shop policies and procedures including use of vehicles.

·         You will ensure any health, safety, security hazards and accidents are investigated and reported through the appropriate reporting and action methods.

·         You will be fully conversant and familiar with the shop’s H&S procedures, policies and directives.

·         You will ensure a high standard of personal and workplace hygiene is maintained.

·         You will actively promote safe work practices within the rental department.

Policies and Procedures allow for efficient and effective operations
·         You will adhere to Racers Edge Powered by Torpedo7 values, policies and procedures at all times.

·         You will be flexible and undertake other duties which may be required to effectively run the business.


The organisation recognizes that over time employees will, through the natural process of gaining confidence in their ability and understanding of the systems; operate more quickly and efficiently at the job they hold. This will free up time that could be used to develop and enhance the skills, knowledge and abilities of the employee. As a consequence of this and because the organisation is interested in developing each employee to their full potential, each employee, will from time to time, be asked to take on extra duties that are designed to upgrade their skills, knowledge and abilities. These extra duties will be discussed between the employee and his/her immediate Manager, and the decision to allocate them will be taken jointly.

Person Specification:   Rental Administrator

Educational/ Technical


·       University entrance or equivalent qualification Rental and/or Retail training and qualification or tertiary Qualification

Current Driver’s Licence

Work Experience ·         At least one season in a comparable role preferably with international experience and/or national experience with other R&R/Torpedo7 stores

·         Proven track record dealing with a wide range of outdoor products and brands

·         A passion for the outdoors and first-hand understanding of gear requirements for relevant activities in various environments

·         Thorough knowledge of the area and environs

Interpersonal Skills ·         Uses judgment, objectivity and discretion to accurately assess situations and take appropriate action, maintaining confidentiality where necessary

·         Consistently portrays a positive impression and achieves desired outcomes by optimizing communication orally and in writing with a wide range of people

·         Prioritises tasks to meet deadlines to agreed standards whilst being flexible and adapting to changing demands

·         Autonomously identifies needs and proactively works towards an effective solution gaining cooperation from others as required

·         Remains calm, productive and focused in pressured situations achieving desired outcomes and maintaining positive relationships

·         Applies effective systems and checklists to ensure details are not overlooked

Technical Skills ·         Proficient with Rentz and/or Rental systems.

·         You will also be a competent cash handler and competent processing payments with eftpos machines etc.

·         A high level of written literacy

·         Self sufficient with typing requirements, internet communications and excel.

·         English as your first language

·         Another language




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