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  • Suunto A-10 Baseplate Compass

    Suunto A-10 Baseplate Compass

    The Suunto A-10 is a robust and easy to use compact compass for general recreational use, hikers orienteering and scouts. The A-10 is fast, simple and accurate; these baseplate compasses are quick to learn from and ideal for navigating using a map.
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  • Suunto A-30 Baseplate Compass

    Suunto A-30 Baseplate Compass

    The Suunto A-30 Compass is a compact, accurate compass for hiking and orienteering in dark or poor visibility conditions. A great adventure compass, the A-30 is the absolute must have for those who are doing map and compass navigation, no matter what the time or weather. A reliable compass is ...
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  • Suunto MC-2G Compass

    Suunto MC-2G Compass

    The Suunto MC-2 Global compass provides the serious outdoor enthusiast with accurate and reliable navigation in both the southern and northern hemisphere. The mirror function is very useful and allows you take precise measurements by extending the vertical line into the horizon, targeting your desired bearing more accurately. The MC-2 ...
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