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  • W17-Racers-Edge-Armada-ARV-106-Wanaka-Racers-Edge-New-Zealand-1-min

    Armada ARV 106

    An all-day, everyday ski designed to turn the entire mountain into a playground. Spin Tips Keep the ski light and agile, while carbon kevlar struts in the tip and tail keep the ski stable and smooth.
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  • Armada ARV 96

    Armada ARV 96

    Equally Comfortable around the mountain or in the park, the ARV 96’s waist straddles both worlds, without making sacrifices in either. Bred from 14 years of award-winning performance, the ARV 96 is for the guy who wants it all.
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  • Atomic Backland FR 102

    Atomic Backland FR 102

    The slimmest, lightest Backland FR making it an easy-going powder ski for any mission.
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  • Atomic Backland FR 109

    Atomic Backland FR 109

    The mid-waist Backland FR that charges in deep snow but also works on hard pack.
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  • Atomic Redster S9 with X12 Binding

    Atomic Redster S9 with X12 Binding

    For slalom racers or shorter turns on piste, featuring Servotec for extra agility in short, tight turns.
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  • Atomic Vantage 90 CTI

    Atomic Vantage 90 CTI

    Grips like a high-performance piste ski, but still nice and floaty in the pow.
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  • Atomic Vantage 95 C

    Atomic Vantage 95 C

    Grips and floats in any conditions, ideal for any level of skier.
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  • Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI with XT12 Binding

    Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI with XT12 Binding

    This is a powerful and versatile Vantage X for piste and side piste.
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  • K2  Ikonic 84Ti + MXC 12 TCX Bindings

    K2 Ikonic 84Ti + MXC 12 TCX Bindings

    At the top end of K2’s Konic series sits the 84ti. With a powerful Aspen-Paulownia core and metal laminate, this ski carves groomers hard and fast with maximum grip and stability. At 84mm underfoot this ski is ready for some off-piste adventure where the stout flex and high edge grip ...
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  • K2 Pinnacle 95

    K2 Pinnacle 95

    The Pinnacle 95 is a highly-awarded ski and it is easy to see why once you’ve stepped onto a pair. This ski is well suited to those who like to spend a lot of time off-piste and still be able to carve up groomers with ease. The low swing weight ...
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  • K2 Poacher

    K2 Poacher

    The K2 Poacher is the go-to park/all-mountain ski of choice for freestyle riders. Double-Barrel core with Aspen through the center of the ski for reduced swing weight and the denser Fir wood over the edges for added strength and durability. All-Terrain Rocker in tip and tail allows easy pivots in ...
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  • K2 Sight

    K2 Sight

    The K2 Sight has an updated shape for this season. The Aspen core helps the ski retain a lightweight feel that keeps this ski nimble and manoeuvrable for the best park performance. Carbon Boost Braid adds pop and liveliness where TwinTech Sidewalls add durability. More than simply a park ski, ...
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