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  • Radar Lyric 65", Lyric Boot and ARTP

    Radar Lyric 65″, Lyric Boot and ARTP

    Radar 2018 Women’s Collection These are for all the special ladies out there, three perfectly crafted skis designed just for you. Your beauty and grace demands a certain level of excellence that can only be found in the Radar line. They construct these skis with a specific flex allowing the ...
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  • Radar Senate Graphite 67" Vector and ARTP Package

    Radar Senate Graphite 67″ Vector and ARTP Package

    The 2019 Senate is hands down the best Senate we have ever created! With an updated shape that follows its high-end counterpart the Vapor the Graphite Senate sites in the middle of the line. Constructed from a durable polyurethane core wrapped in carbon composites makes sure no turn is lost ...
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