AIRsistant Sensor Presta Valve 2 Pack


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The innovative Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for bikes and e-bikes monitors the pressure and temperature of the bicycle tyres leading to a safer ride for Trekking, City, Mountain, Road and Cargo bikers.

  • Safer ride due to real-time tyre pressure monitoring with timely warnings
  • Effective puncture protection
  • Increased riding comfort, extended battery range and better handling
  • Savings from less tyre and rim damages resulting in longer tyre and rim lifespan
  • New and user-friendly connection opportunities due to direct integration in bike display/HMI and the mobile APP
  • Digital tyre gauge function for easy pressure adjustment serves as a great alternative to tyre fill measuring equipment
AIRsistant app
  • Real-time tyre pressure and temperature alerts
  • Pressure calculator allowing you to calculate optimal pressure for your bike
  • Customized and user-friendly menu
  • Navigation and route tracking