Atomic 2023 N Bent 100 Skis

$1,299.99 $909.99


This is the ski that we can recommend to literally anybody, a best-seller for us the past three seasons; this ski has proved incredibly popular with Kiwi skiers. Whether you are a directional skier looking for a slightly more playful all-mountain ski that can still charge, or alternatively a more playful skier looking for a jibby all-mountain ski with a backbone, Atomic have delivered.

The Bent 100 has been spotted in the park, pipe, chutes, skinning up hills, and boosting down them, in almost every edit released in the past few winters. There was even a pair in shot with Mt Ruapehu’s patrol team during a promo, and we believe if those guys and gals can put these skis through their paces and be stoked then so can you. Whether it’s deep fresh snow, or hard variable conditions, the Bent 100 does one thing better than any other: it lets you ski like you.