Aztron Comet Wakesurf Board 125 x 52 x 2cm


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Best Choice For Those In The Early Wakesurf Career
A perfect board for riders out there looking for an easy to mid-level riding performance wakesurf board that works in all conditions. The skim to wakesurf shape provides great performance for any ability level
Wakesurf to skim style board for beginners and intermediates
Composite moulded epoxy construction
Traditional foam core with multiple layers top glass
Diamond grooved multi-zoned EVA concave pads
Arch support tall tail kick
Lightweight wakesurf board construction
Versatile fish tail design
1.7-inch nylon twin-fin system
Diamond Groove EVA Footpad
Two-section deep diamond grooved EVA footpad covers the entire top deck of maximum grip between the rider and the board. Comes with an integrated tail kicker for quick response for turns.
Tail Kick Pad And Fish Tail Design
An arch tall kick pad is placed at tail for quick and responsive turns and tricks. Comet 49 also features a small fish tail that helps the board release for aerial and surface spin tricks.
Twin Fin System
A twin-fin design helps to generate speed and make the board fast down the line.
Wakesurf And Skim Style Outline
The Comet 49 features a skim style board design, which is speedy and has a skate-like feel on the water. Like any other skim style board, the Comet is loose and slippery, making it a perfect board for those 360 degree or whatever tricks you would like to try on the water.
Traditional Foam Core
Built with compression moulded design and CNC machined EPS foam core for maximum durability and lightweight.