Back Country Cuisine 90gm – Small


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Keep your energy pumping during the day with the Back Country Cuisine range of meals which deliver a nutritionally balanced meal in just minutes. 

Perfect for stashing in the pack while camping, tramping or heading up the slopes snowboarding, these tasty packs are incredibly easy to prepare and great tasting. An ideal way to maintain your active lifestyle in the wilderness or keep a few spares for emergencies.

The blend of carbohydrates and sugars provide instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles and oils and fats for energy store. Blended from freeze dried vegetables, these food packs are processed to retain their natural flavours and can be prepared in the pack by just adding water. 

Note: All Back Country Cuisine has a minimum expiry date of at least 12 months from purchase. 

Porridge Supreme
Start your day with a wholesome bowl of porridge to line the stomach and give you enough energy to charge through your day. Pre-cooked porridge with dried fruit and raw sugar sprinkle.
1x serve per pack. Serving size: 340grams* / Net weight: 90 grams

Yoghurt and Muesli
A wholesome bowl of yoghurt and muesli. While others fight for space at the hut stoves, sit back and devour this crunchy, muesli with creamy yoghurt and apples. Boost your energy levels for the day ahead. 
1x serve per pack. Serving size: 178grams* / Net weight: 90 grams

Wheatflakes and Fruit Salad
Wholesome breakfast of wheatflakes, chunky fruit salad and whole milk. Sit outside and watch the sun come up knowing you will have the energy needed to tackle the day.
1x serve per pack. Serving size: 90grams / Net weight: 90 grams

Cooked Breakfast: 
Keep the boys happy and serve up a hearty breakfast to keep you going for the day. Beef bacon and scrambled egg in a hash brown potato mix, served with baked beans… What more could you want?
1 x serving per pack. Serving size: 340g. Net weight: 90 grams


  • 1-Serve
  • No gluten
  • No added MSG
  • Net weight: 175 grams
  • Serving size after reconstitution: 318 grams


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