2020 Faction Candide 2.0

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The all-new CT 2.0 is your freestyle all mountain swiss army knife.

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Designed with input from Candide and for purpose across all terrain and all conditions, the CT 2.0 is arguably our most talked about model. It’s highly versatile 102mm waist combined with the Candide Thovex Signature Shape, Stance and Flex brings about a ski that mastfully pops off booters, butters over the rollers and whips effortlessly between turns. The all-new, high-performance, extra-tough CT 2.0 turns the whole mountain into your playground.

Sidecut (mm): 133-102-133
Radius (m): 184cm(16.0)
Weight (g): 1950g @ 184cm
Binding option: Flat Ski (Add a binding)
Rocker %: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Construction: Symmetrical True Twin, Symmetrical Sidecut, Carbon Stomp Pad, Full Strength Sidewall, Anti-Chip Micro-Cap
Core: Poplar/Beech