Hyperlite Toddler Neoprene Vest


Size Chart


Hyperlite vests have been a top choice for watersports enthusiasts for many years.

This unisex infant vest is designed for youngsters weighing up to 30 lbs. The vest is designed for absolute safety, while being one of the most comfortable infant vests on the market. The vests utilizes our Fluid Flex, True Fit and Biolite technologies – just like the adult models. The Infant model is designed to float your child belly/face up. The head support keeps heads out of the water and flaps back when not needed. The waist and leg buckle straps ensure that the vest stays snug around your little one. One of the biggest issues with infant vests is irritation to your child’s skin. Our Biolite material causes less irritation and helps your young one stay comfortable so they can enjoy the water.


  • For children up to 14kg
  • Leg Strap
  • Hinged Construction
  • Segmented Foam Panels
  • Concealed 1” Straps
  • Head support flotation cushion; Biolite Exterior