Racers Edge Tailgate Pad


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On the outside its robust 1680D waterproof PVC. On the inside there’s 25mm of foam to protect your bike.
Next to your paintwork is a Soft layer of felt backing to protect your ute.
Your Tailgate pad is supplied with five Adjustable straps to fit any size frame. And this design Allows you to set your bikes in multiple locations on the Webbing ladder ensuring they are out of scratching distance.
The pad is held snugly in place by three nylon straps that wrap under the tailgate, and it has a flap so that you can access your tailgate latch.
  • 137cm wide and 85cm tall
  • Fits standard NZ pickups/utes,
  • Waterproof outer fabric
  • Soft Felt lining
  • Holds up to five bikes
  • 5 Individual frame-anchor straps included
  • Durable Nylon stitching
  • 25mm closed cell foam padding