Radar Youth Total Radar Awesomeness Waterski 63″


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When it came time to design our kid’s specific ski, we wanted to make something that would have youngsters begging to ski more often!

By utilizing our Senate shape with a kid’s specific flex we’ve created a ski that is easy to turn and efficient through the wakes. In designing this way, we make it easy for juniors to progress at a rapid rate, leaving them with a smile on their face and the desire to ski every day.


  • All-Terrain Core – Most forgiving construction.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber – Consistent flex every time

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Size Surface Area Max Width Suggested Max Speed Terrain Recommended Weight
63″ 340.31 SQ” 6.78” 20-34 MPH / 34-55 KPH CROSSOVER Up to 130 lbs / Up to 59 kg
65″ 350.57 SQ” 6.94” 20-34 MPH / 34-55 KPH CROSSOVER 120–160 lbs / 54–73 kg