Shimano R55C4 Brake Pad Inserts for Carbon Rims BR-9000


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Get those brakes running 100% again with a new set of Shimano pads.
There’s nothing like genuine Shimano Pads, Well designed and easy to fit, undeniable Shimano Quality with packaging and good instructions,
Once installed they will bed in quickly and have you stopping on a dime in no time! Unique C4 compound enhances braking performance even in adverse weather.

  • Use with BR-7800, BR-7700, BR-6500, BR-6600, BR-5500 and BR-R600 BR-CX70 brake callipers.
  • Performs well in all conditions
  • Good wear life
  • Includes 2 pads and 2 set screws.
  • For use with carbon rims only

If the brake pads pictured do not match the shape of your pads they will not fit regardless of what is stated above.