Shimano SM-RTAD Rotor Adapter 6-Bolt To Centerlock


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Shimano’s centerlock brake mount is solid and makes for a great way to fix the brake rotor to your hub. if you’ve already got a set of nice disc brakes with Centerlock rotors, you can use this Shimano 6-Bolt to Centerlock Disc Rotor Adapter to make all of your parts fit together. This adapter kit includes a splined rotor mount that bolts right onto the hub.
You’ll need two of these adapter sets to do one bike, front and rear.

  • Material: steel, alloy
  • Attachment Type: Adapts Center-Lock rotors to 6-bolt hubs
  • Compatibility: Shimano
  • Weight: 46 g
  • Shimano part No: SMRTAD05
  • Disc brake rotor adaptor
  • Used to attach 6-Bolt mount type rotor to a Centerlock rotor mount type hub
  • Includes Centerlock to 6-Bolt adapter plate, washer, (6) fixing bolts, and lockring.
  • Does not fit 2-piece rotors with aluminum spiders like the Shimano SM-RT86 or SM-RT76 6-Bolt Rotors