Stans Notubes Rim Tape 9.14m x 21mm


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If you’re running a tubeless setup already or want a top quality tubeless rimtape for a new project, the Stans 21mm rim tape, when used with a tubeless valve and sealant, will allow you to run a tubless “UST” setup on standard, drilled rims.
Recommended for use with Stan’s ZTR rims to make them air tight or used as a light weight rim tape in any rim.
Best results come from narrower width rims.
One 10 yard roll will tape 5X 26″ rims, 4X 29″ rims or 2X road clincher rims.
21mm width fits:

  • ZTR Olympic
  • ZTR 355
  • ZTR Alpine
  • ZTR Crest
  • ZTR Iron Cross
  • ZTR Alpha 340 (2 layers)
  • ZTR Alpha 400 (2 layers)
  • Most road clincher rims