Uco Original Lantern Anodized


    Need more lumens? Amp up the brightness and fend off chill with the UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern.

    Sporting three 9-hour candles, this brilliant source of heat and light is perfect for large groups of campers and for home and emergency use. Brighten up your next family picnic plus keep your coffee hot, too. Just place your mug or cooking pot on the heat shield and?voila! The Candlelier cleverly heats small amounts of water or food while providing a warm, ambient glow to your campsite or porch.

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    Heats small amounts of water or food on heat shield;
    Lightweight, durable aluminium construction;
    Burns long-lasting UCO 9-hour candle; burn 1,2, or all 3 candles depending on your lighting needs;
    Glass chimney and 3 spring-loaded candle tubes with viewing slots;
    Carrying handle and twist-lock base;
    Provides ample light, warms surroundings, and helps remove condensation