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Orca Mens Athlex Flow Wetsuit

Orca Mens Athlex Flow Wetsuit

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The Athlex Flow is a new (r)evolution of the Orca Sonar.

The new Athlex Flow triathlon wetsuit is the perfect balance between elasticity and buoyancy. High-elasticity materials are incorporated in the upper body, while buoyancy technologies are featured in the legs. These technologies allow the swimmer to correct their position in the water, achieving a more hydrodynamic posture.

The Flow range provides some buoyancy in the legs, either to achieve a slight leg lift to help improve horizontal posture and optimize kicking technique, or to achieve less muscle wasting in the lower body. In addition, as there is no upper body deficiency, you need flexibility in this area so that the stroke is not altered. Orca offers a solution that combines the technology applied in the Flex range in the upper part and the technology of the Float range in the lower part.

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