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Pure Exercise Recovery

Pure Exercise Recovery

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PURE Exercise Recovery is a premium, natural post exercise drink that is designed to replace lost glycogen and protein stores after exercise. Containing a delicious blend of raw organic cacao powder, natural milk proteins and powdered New Zealand honey, it helps your body to recover faster while optimising strength and fitness gains made during exercise. PURE Exercise Recovery will also assist with muscle building & repair, rehydration and replacement of lost electrolytes. When you open the bag the first thing you'll enjoy is the amazing aroma of raw cacao powder and honey. Simply mix with water for a creamy, low-fat chocolate milkshake which is rich in taste with just at hint of honey.

  • Each 740g bag will make 10 serves or 5 litres (up to 500ml per serve, when mixed with water)
  • Gluten free & preservative free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Just natural goodness inside each bag.


  • PURE Exercise Recovery has a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. It contains a mix of slow and fast release carbohydrates and proteins. This enables your body to get what it needs in two stages. The first is straight after exercise and the second is a slower and more sustained release. This replenishment helps reduce post-exercise fatigue and supports the restoration of muscle tissue.
  • Each serve contains 16 grams of milk proteins, sourced from New Zealand dairy cows, and 15 grams of real New Zealand powdered honey. Honey has a low glycemic index making it perfect for replacing lost glycogen stores in your body fast and efficiently, without spiking blood sugar levels.
  • We use raw organic cacao powder, which is sourced from organic cacao beans that are cold-pressed and milled into a fine powder. This is 'chocolate' in its purest and most natural form without sugar and other additives.

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