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  • K2  Ikonic 84Ti + MXC 12 TCX Bindings

    K2 Ikonic 84Ti + MXC 12 TCX Bindings

    At the top end of K2’s Konic series sits the 84ti. With a powerful Aspen-Paulownia core and metal laminate, this ski carves groomers hard and fast with maximum grip and stability. At 84mm underfoot this ski is ready for some off-piste adventure where the stout flex and high edge grip ...
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  • K2 Missconduct

    K2 Missconduct

    The K2 MissConduct is specifically designed to address the desires of the best park-skiing women around. A lightweight Aspen core starts it off, keeping swing weight low and manoeuvrability high. A symmetrical tip-to-tail medium-soft flex pattern allows presses, butters and ollies on all mountain features. The TwinTech Sidewalls provide stability ...
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  • K2 Ooolaluv 85Ti ERC 11 TCX Light

    K2 Ooolaluv 85Ti ERC 11 TCX Light

    The OoolaLuv features the Bioflex Aspen-Paulownia Core which concentrates the strong Paulownia wood underfoot for stability and power, and Aspen towards the tip and tail for reduced swing weight and increased mobility. The All-Terrain Rocker further enhances the skis manoeuvrability and agility off-piste, while the Metal Laminate works to stiffen ...
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  • K2 Pinnacle 95

    K2 Pinnacle 95

    The Pinnacle 95 is a highly-awarded ski and it is easy to see why once you’ve stepped onto a pair. This ski is well suited to those who like to spend a lot of time off-piste and still be able to carve up groomers with ease. The low swing weight ...
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  • K2 Poacher

    K2 Poacher

    The K2 Poacher is the go-to park/all-mountain ski of choice for freestyle riders. Double-Barrel core with Aspen through the center of the ski for reduced swing weight and the denser Fir wood over the edges for added strength and durability. All-Terrain Rocker in tip and tail allows easy pivots in ...
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  • K2 Sight

    K2 Sight

    The K2 Sight has an updated shape for this season. The Aspen core helps the ski retain a lightweight feel that keeps this ski nimble and manoeuvrable for the best park performance. Carbon Boost Braid adds pop and liveliness where TwinTech Sidewalls add durability. More than simply a park ski, ...
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