It’s difficult to know where to start when describing a brand like Torpedo 7, other than the fact that, if you want to buy sports gear, these guys have got your covered and then some.

The brand’s tagline is ‘see you out there’, a phrase which suits the Torpedo 7 ethos down to the ground. For them, life is a wild ride, just ready and waiting to be enjoyed, and the world – well the world is somewhere between an adventure playground and a hallowed cathedral; somewhere to be respected, revered, and explored.

It only takes one look at the amazing pieces of sports gear that Torpedo 7 offer to get a proper sense of what the team is all about. All things outdoors are catered for here, including mountain, road, and electric bikes and accessories, kayaking and watersports equipment, and all manner of tents and camping solutions designed to support even your wildest trekking plans. If you are an outdoor enthusiast – and we know that you are – you found your kindred spirits right here in the Torpedo 7 team.


New Zealand’s terrain is well suited to the joys of winter sports, which is one of the reasons that Torpedo 7 is such a perfect partner for outdoor pursuits in this part of the world. From snowboarding equipment to top-notch winter apparel, you will find your alpine ambitions catered for by the guys and girls at Torpedo 7, helping you to stay safe, warm, and performing at your best even when temperatures start to plummet.

Even if you prefer the rev of an engine over the crunch of snow and earth beneath your boots, the brand has something for you. A broad range of different bike parts gives Moto fans the scope they need to stay out on the trails and jumps for longer, all the while kitted out in safety accessories such as helmets and goggles which provide confidence, protection, and awesome style in equal measure.

Here in Wanaka, we are over the moon to have the chance to connect Torpedo 7’s high-quality wares with a wider New Zealand audience, and we know that you are gonna love putting this gear through its paces. Browse our Torpedo 7 range and find what you need. Have any questions about the Torpedo 7 brand or about any of the products we stock here at Wanaka’ Just get in touch!