Long distance running – what do you need to take

Long distance running – what do you need to take

What You Need to Take on a Long Distance Run | Racers Edge | Wanaka

With so many amazing trails to do on foot in New Zealand, there’s a great opportunity to condense the great walks into a long distance run. If you’re planning on pushing the length of your runs and starting to do more long-haul trips then your kit is understandably going to change. With some trails ranging to over 100k, you need to chose the right kit for your run. Here’s some pieces we’d put together for one of those longer distance trips.

The Salomon Adv Skin Vest

Every runner knows, hydration is key. The Salomon Adv Skin vest is a great alternative for those who don’t like to run with a hydration backpack. With the liter of water weight spread around your upper body, both front and back, the Salomon Adv Skin vest will help you stay balanced and hydrated so you can push for your new personal best. The vest is constructed to stretch, but not bounce, using a breathable, lightweight material. Salomon have made both a men’s and women’s vest to ensure the fit is form fitting. The Adv Skin has a completely adjustable sternum strap which allows you to connect your pack easily on the move.

Challenger ATR 6

The Challenger ATR 6 is a great hybrid running shoe that is adapted for running on both trails and roads. With 6 iterations under its belt, the Challenger ATR has been put to the test and improved season after season. Hoka say, “it performs light on the trail and smooth on the street” and we couldn’t agree more. We’d recommend this shoe to anyone running any distance but it’s particularly amazing for those doing long-haul due to its construction. The shoe is designed to have great traction on various terrains while still remaining lightweight. Built with various recycled materials, the Challenger is breathable, durable and great for those challenging, long runs.

Better Than Naked

Nothing beats the perfect set of running shorts. The North Face knows garments are just as important as shoes when it comes to long haul running which is why the created the Better Than Naked shorts for men and women. These super lightweight shorts are highly breathable and equally comfortable. The ladies short includes a wide waistband with a zip close storage pocket while the men’s also includes a kangaroo hand pocket. You’ll be guaranteed comfort on all of yours runs, even the longest ones.

Fitletic Ultimate 2 Running Belt

This running belt is engineered for the high-endurance athlete so you can carry all of your essentials with you and avoid stopping. The Ultimate II Running Belt is the first belt of its kind to incorporate a pouch, gel loops, and bib toggles in one refueling belt making it a great option for long distance, competitive runners. The patented design allows you to carry enough fuel to go the distance without compromising on performance. This belt is great for any endurance sports such as marathons, triathlons, hiking, and more.

Black Diamond Spot 350 Headlamp

Whether you’re road running in the dark or taking on a trail with heavy tree cover, it’s good to have a trusty headlamp as part of your kit. Black Diamond have a multitude of award winning head lamps that work great for long haul running. We’d highly recommend the Black Diamond Spot which has 350 lumens of power, and is housed in a small, more compact body. This headlamp has a low profile to help with balance and is more ergonomic to make it more comfortable to wear on a run. In addition, the updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter light with more peak intensity, but also saves battery life that you can now easily track with a six-setting, three-LED battery meter.

Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport SPF 50 Continuous Spray

Another key ingredient to a successful running trip is a good water resistant sun screen. The Aloe Up Broad Spectrum SPF50 Continuous sunscreen provides you with sun protection at the touch of a button. The unique formula allows quick and easy application, without squeezing or pumping like a traditional bottle. The lightweight formula sprays at any angle and applies clear. Best of all, there’s no greasy residue and the formula has a high water and sweat resistance! Perfect for those out putting in the miles.

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