Staff Picks: Top 5 Camping Luxuries

Staff Picks: Top 5 Camping Luxuries

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Our Top 5 Camping Luxuries|Racers Edge|Wanaka

We know there’s a lot of you that love camping but hate leaving behind your home comforts. We’re here to tell you that you no longer need to choose one or the other! The team at Racers Edge Wanaka took a vote and picked our top 5 luxury camping pieces that we can’t live without. So, if the thought of waking up in a damp tent to a crappy cup of instant coffee fills you with dread these camping extras are definitely for you.

Stanley Classic Bottle

Stanley’s iconic Classic Vacuum Insulated Bottle has fuelled outdoor adventures for generations. This bottle is built big for all your big adventures so there’s question about it being a favourite of our crazy Racers Edge staff. Stanley’s signature vacuum insulation will keep your coffee hot and your iced drinks cold for up to 2 days. The folding handle allows you to take it anywhere (and prevents it from rolling around in the back of your car, boat or trailer). It’s also leakproof, packable and easy-to-pour which makes it a welcome companion at any tailgate or camp out. Get this icon and enjoy a lifetime of hot drinks and shared memories.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Flask

Uco: Original Candle Lantern

A firm favourite of ours for fighting dampness and brightening up your camp. Ideal for backpacking, mountaineering, snow camping and other outdoor pursuits, this classic lantern provides cosy heat and natural light for up to 9 hours (per candle). Surrounded by a sturdy metal frame and a glass chimney, the candle is lit in a flash and can be collapsed back down to 4.25 inches in seconds. As the candle burns, the spring-powered tube pushes the candle up for a reliable, constant flame. You can monitor the candle for remaining burn time through the viewing slot on the side of the lantern. Too easy!

Uco Original Lantern Anodized

Grayl Water Filter Bottle

A must if you’re tramping but also a great luxury for car camping and hiking. The Grayl Water Filter Bottle produces 710ml of safe, clean drinking water anywhere, anytime! Tap into the world’s water sources and safely drink from sketchy spigots, hotel sinks, murky rivers, wells or lakes. GeoPress protects from global waterborne pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoan cysts), pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics. It also makes all water taste like bottled water (believe us, we’ve tried it)!

Sea To Summit X Brew

Every coffee lover’s dream: a good cuppa’ on the trail or at the camp site. The X Brew is a collapsible coffee dripper with reusable mesh filter so the coffee fuelled trips can be endless. All you need to add is the ground coffee and hot water for this match made in heaven. Its compact size and two-cup capacity offer a great edition to every tramping pack or camp kitchen for the coffee addicts among us. If you’re looking for the complete coffee making kit there’s also the X-Kettle and X-Mug which all nests neatly inside each other.

Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper

Jetboil Flash

It wouldn’t be a Top 5 Camping Luxuries without the Jetboil Flash, would it There isn’t any camping setting that wouldn’t be made better by the Flash. This one is a luxury that our staff rant and rave about because it really is just that good! Cutting down on your wait time for food or hot drinks is a must on long treks and car camping trips alike. The Flash cooking system lights with the click of a button and in just 100 seconds provides two cups (500ml) of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. The newly designed burner secures the igniter, protecting it from bumps along the road. Flash is designed to be one of the safest cooking solutions out there. The cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills, and the fuel canister tripod ensures overall stability. The insulating cosy has a colour-changing heat indicator that signals when contents are hot.

Light My Fire Spork

Equipped with our top camping luxuries, you’ll be able to make any form of wilderness feel like home. Make sure to tag us in your adventure pictures on Facebook and Instagram @racersedge. For extra tips on what to pack on different camping trips, check out our video guide here!

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