The Atomic Backland makes its big return to Racers Edge!

The Atomic Backland makes its big return to Racers Edge!

After a 5-year break, our store will once again be graced with the Atomic Backland Ski! After discontinuing our favourite Backland 107 ski, Atomic have since brought back this coveted set up for slack country skiing and we couldn’t be more stoked!

If the Backland was a skier on the mountain we’d describe them as the Millennial ripper who grew up riding the South Island Alps and knows Treble Cone like the back of their hand. They earn their turns by touring to those remote spots with the best snow, dropping cliffs, and repeat, all day long. They’re the friend you call when you want to go on a mission, but you’re not quite sure where to or what the conditions are. You know they can handle whatever you can and have fun while doing it. They’re dependable, playful and they know their stuff when it comes to backcountry skiing.

Here’s some of our favourite factors about the 107’s for 2024…

Light and mighty

Coined “light and mighty”, the Backland is the perfect Hybrid ski for those looking to do more slack country skiing. Designed to be as fast on the uphill as they are on the down, the Backland’s are a great option for those who need a sturdy but light pair of touring skis.

Top pick for freeride

There’s a reason you’ll see so many Freeride World Tour competitors riding the Backland skis. Atomic have poured in heaps of technology in to the Backland for 2024 to ensure it thrives in many different conditions. Their signature HRZN Tech Nose, Powder Rocker, Dura Cap Side Wall are all ingredients to make a reliable and multipurpose performance ski. They’ll float on top of soft powder, or find an edge in the tougher conditions so you’re never let down.

There’s a women’s specific model

The Backland 98 is built for the feral mountain women among us who want to have it all: smooth and forgiving but aggressive when necessary. Due to the mixture of Ultralight Woodcore and Carbon Backbone, Atomic’s Backland 98 is solid but lightweight. You’ll enjoy every turn so much so that you’ll keep hiking up for more.

Why we love them

These skis will keep you in the mountains for longer by making the hard work easy.

Come down to Racers Edge Wanaka to demo a pair this winter!

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