Trek vs Giant: Which mountain bike brand is the right one for you

Trek vs Giant: Which mountain bike brand is the right one for you

Trek vs Giant Mountain Bikes | Racers Edge | Wanaka

If you’re new to mountain biking, and want to learn about two of our most popular brands, or you’re trying to figure out which brand is the best choice for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Trek and Giant are without a doubt two very well-established mountain bike brands, with great histories in the industry. Don’t worry if your definition of a “Trek” is a long walk and if we asked you to describe a “Giant” you’d reference a large, mythical creature. By the end of this blog we’ll have you talking about these brands like you know them personally.

As we go on, you’ll quickly learn that both Trek and Giant put a lot of hard work and dedication into every one of their bike models. That is one of the reasons we decided to compare the two brands in this blog, because we know how difficult it can be to choose a bike from two of the best lines out there. We’ll cover the unique technologies that each brand is currently using in their 2021 bike models and hopefully by the end you’ll feel more confident in choosing your next Trek or Giant bike.

The Tech You Get

Regardless of your riding level, Trek and Giant both offer a wide range of bikes with different tech specs which will help improve your performance. If you want to take full control of your riding, it’s important that you understand what technology you’ll need and what you probably don’t need depending on what you’ll be using your bike for. Let’s take a look at the core features you can expect from both Trek and Giant:


Trek Giant
“Alpha Aluminium”

Many of Trek’s bikes are built around an “Alpha Aluminium” frame. In order to produce this frame, Trek use a unique, and of course secret, process which incorporates high-level metallurgy to stretch the aluminium up to its maximum absorption point. In doing so, Trek have created a very lightweight but highly durable material to build their bike frames with.

“ALUXX SL Aluminium Technology”

Giants unique take on high-performance aluminium is made from 6011 alloy. This best-in-class material gives riders a top of the line strength to weight ratio.


Trek Giant
“OCLV Carbon”

OCLV is a unique carbon fibre that Trek have manufactured for use in their frames and other aspects of their bikes. It’s the strongest and lightest carbon that they have been able to achieve in over 20 years of testing the metal. Having a lightweight bike will allow you to go faster and be more nimble and the OCLV Carbon will remain stiff and strong for years to come.

“Advanced Composite Technology”

This technology is used to build some of the Giant frames to a high standard. Made with raw carbon, it produces very stiff but very lightweight bike frames that will increase your stability and control. As part of this feature, the front fork is moulded in as part of the frame during the manufacturing process, creating one complete piece.

Rear Pivot

Trek Giant
“Active Braking Pivot”

This bespoke rear suspension system, will give you confidence breaking on any terrain. In the past, when you engage your brakes it would lock out your suspension creating an unpleasant jolting. Active Braking Pivot reduces the jolting you’d normally experience by engaging the rear suspension when you pull on your brakes so you’ll remain steady.

“FlexPoint Suspension Technology”

This proven high-performance, single-pivot, suspension was created to give trail riders more control over their bike on tricky terrain. Using flexing technology in the rear chainstay and seatstay, FlexPoint Suspension was born, eradicating the need for complex pivots. This system is effective, very easy to maintain, and lightweight.


Trek Giant

Treks RE:Aktiv suspension strikes the perfect balance between being firm when you’re pedalling but soft when handling quick terrain changes. This very efficient technology provides smooth and reactive control when you’re taking on super changeable terrain so you’ll be ready for anything the trail throws at you.

Maestro Suspension

The Giant Maestro Suspension can take on any off-road terrain that you want to explore and feel good even on the bumpiest trails. The Maestro prioritises comfort and is heavily adaptable across all terrains.

Which bike should I buy

Armed with your new Trek and Giant knowledge, you’re well equipped to pick out some bikes based on their different tech specs and what you’re looking for in your future mountain bike. If you’re still unsure which bike brand to go for, it’s time to come and demo some of the models we have in store! A member of our very knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help you out.

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