Win a Free Pair of Lowa’s New Renegade Hiking Boots!

Win a Free Pair of Lowa’s New Renegade Hiking Boots!

Win a free pair of Lowa’s Renegade hiking boots!

Lowa is a special footwear brand for us as they never fail to impress with their design and intuitive technology. The Renegade boot from Lowa was made to revolutionise hiking, and embodies its name by remaining non-conformist and unique.

The Renegade hiking boot is a definitive crowd pleaser among our customers who enjoy hiking for multiple days in the local mountains. Needless to say, when they released their Limited Edition 25th Anniversary line we were extremely excited to get our hands on them!

Is this boot for me?

We’d class the Renegade as a good all-round tramping boot which would suit people who enjoy day hiking and multiday hikes. It’s a moderately stiff boot which means they have great flex and comfort for longer journeys with a pack. This compromise on stiffness means they won’t be the best choice for you if you’re going on more extreme mountaineering trips. Sound like your kind of boot? Find out more below!

What’s new?

Aside from the new range of colourways (3 new colours for both men and women) this revamped release has heaps of cool tech making it a top hiking boot choice in our books!

Although previously deemed “not the stiffest boot of the bunch”, the Renegade has fantastic stability with a forgiving flex which has made it popular for both tampers and beginner mountaineers. PU frame supports the arches and heal as part of the Monowrap technology which will give you that extra punch where you need it most.

The Double Injection PU layer has won awards for comfort and for good reason! The soft PU texture lies under the dense supportive layer of the boot which provides comfort without compromising on stability. Coupled with Lowa’s Durapu layer, which absorbs shock and rebounds the energy back in to your step, the Renegade is unstoppable.

Would you like to win a free pair of Lowa Renegades?!

We’ve partnered with Lowa to give away a pair of their limited-edition Renegade boots! With a very small number available in the country we’re very excited to be able to offer such an amazing prize. To enter the giveaway, please sign up to our mailing list here:

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