What does skiing mean to you? If it means experiencing the thrill and excitement of the
snow rushing by beneath your feet, if it means pushing yourself that little bit harder with
each run, striving to be the best you can be, if it means embracing that outdoor life and
loving every minute of it, then Volkl Skis from our Wanaka snow shop might just be for you.
Volkl temper their technical skill and design expertise with a deep-seated passion for the
sport. This means, when you step out on the slope, you can count on supreme reliability,
mindblowing performance, and the kind of great times which won't be forgotten in a hurry.
These guys have been doing this for a while. For nearly a century, the German master ski
makers have been wowing riders with their innovative creations and ultra high-
performance equipment pieces. Bursting onto the scene in the early 1920s, Volkl quickly
made a name for themselves, thanks to their commitment to helping ski riders across
Europe explore the slopes in their own way.
Today, Volkl's scope is somewhat broader. Now, skiers across the world – including those
located here in Wanaka, New Zealand – can connect with these market-leading skis. The
team at our Wanaka snow shop are proud to be a part of this, and love helping our
customers find their perfect partner in the ever-evolving Volkl range. Buying Volkl skis in
New Zealand? Look no further than Racers Edge, situated on Wanaka's lake front.
So, what does this mean in practice? What does this mean for you when you hit the slopes
at Cardona or Treble Cone? Investing in a smart piece of Volkl technology, from skis to
snowboards, means enjoying world-beating stability thanks to tip rocker engineering
which turns even the roughest rides into a smart and agile glide. The underfoot camber
built into the construction pushes this even further, providing supreme grip even when
conditions start to get a little dodgy.
It's not all about that downhill though. Volkl's durable and lightweight woodcore design
makes ascending a breeze, which is just the ticket when your legs are feeling heavy after
hours on the slopes. Combine this with intuitive binding technology which enables you to
snap in and out at will without compromising on that all important feeling of security on
your skis, and you have yourself a formidable bit of kit.
No need to wait to take your new Volkl skis for a whirl. The Racers Edge range is perfectly
positioned to provide Volkl skis to riders in New Zealand. Browse our range and find what
you need, or get in touch today to learn more.


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