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Remember when you first fell in love with cycling? Remember those early rides out there on the road or the trails, pushing yourself, letting your legs burn and strain, and feeling so much alive? It's that feeling that has kept you coming back for more. It's that feeling that makes cycling such a big part of your life. It might seem simple, but that emotion is really quite a complex one. There's just so much going on — there's your own feeling of exertion and accomplishment, of your bike responding to the movements of the handlebars, to the little pressures and adjustments of the brakes and gears. And then there's the feeling of knowing that you're prepared for whatever the ride might throw your way. This feeling of being prepared, of being supported, of being fully equipped — this is what Giro helps you experience again and again. Unfortunately, that feeling of "the first time" is not something you can get back, but Giro can help you keep up those incredible feelings of personal improvement, of constant striving and development, and of the downright excitement and joy of speed. Giro's products are designed to provide confidence and comfort in your ride. You need to feel that your helmet is offering you the protection and security you need to push yourself that little bit harder, but you also need to know that it is lightweight and aerodynamic enough to help you perform at your best. You need to know that your cycling shoes are offering the kind of grip and performance you need to take things to the next level, while still providing comfort and durability whether you are on the road or trail. Scanning through the Giro product range, you will see all of this and more. But this is not all. Even the most serious of riders know that it's important to look and feel great when you're out there doing what you do. Of course, performance, gear quality, and safety and security all come first, but a bit of style is always welcome too! Giro provides this and then some, so take a look at the products and find what you need. We are so proud to be able to bring these great products to riders right here in New Zealand. Keep on doing what you do, and stay safe, comfortable, and looking great while you do.


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