At Racers Edge, we provide a compulsory bike check service for Challenge Wanaka athletes to make sure your equipment is safe and ready for the event.

Described by athletes as one of the best events on the international circuit, Challenge Wanaka’s terrain, remoteness and stunning surroundings make it one of the most unforgettable races.

As an athlete, it is essential you are prepared for this very special event. It’s a triathlon with an adventurous edge, therefore you need to be aware of the several compulsory elements that you may not have encountered at other events. Make sure you read about Bike Check and Race Rules for Challenge Wanaka.


Bike Check

It is compulsory to complete a bike and helmet safety check at the Racer’s Edge workshop. You will be not allowed to enter the race without your bike check completed.

Our bike mechanics will check the following bike parts to ensure they meet safety requirements:

  • Frame
  • Headset
  • Stem
  • Handlebars
  • Aero bars and armrests
  • Bottom bracket
  • Pedals
  • Bottles cages
  • Saddle and seat post
  • Tyres and wheels (race wheels must be on the bike)
  • Brakes (correct pads must be fitted)

Your helmet must meet the basic safety requirements:

  • No obvious cracks in the internal structure
  • No defects or dents in the exterior of the helmet
  • Straps and fitting system in good condition
  • Manufactured within the last 5 years

Additional performance checks on request:

  • Chain and drivetrain wear
  • Shifting performance
  • Brake performance
  • Wear in headset bearings and bottom bracket

Please note, we will advise on any servicing we would recommend pre-race. Additional servicing is required to be booked separately from our workshop. It is not included in a free bike check. As long as bike parts are deemed safe, you will be permitted to race with worn parts.

Book your Bike Check

Book Your Bike Check

When to book your bike check?
Our workshop opens for bike checks from Wednesday 1st February. Booking your bike check isn't essential as we'll be operating a same day turn around service for the race.


What is the cost of bike check?
The bike and helmet checks are free of charge.

Where is the workshop location?
Please bring both your helmet and bike to our workshop on 20 Helwick Street.


Race Rules

  • Each participant is responsible for the state or repair of his/her own bike.
  • Bikes must have been serviced within three weeks of the event and be in a safe and roadworthy condition.
  • Assistance by anyone other than official technical support personnel will be grounds for immediate disqualification. This disallows the use of spare wheels and backup bikes and requires that each competitor be prepared to handle any possible mechanical malfunction.
  • All bikes must undergo a compulsory check which is performed free of charge at the Racers Edge Wanaka workshop. Only bikes with official “bike check” stickers will be allowed into the race.