WoolAid Merino Wool Adhesive Plasters


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WoolAid are hyperfine merino wool adhesive plasters for the prevention and wound care of blisters, cuts, scrapes and grazes.

A natural, highly breathable and sustainable plaster for every Kiwi backpack. Say ’no’ to single use plastic in the outdoors and ‘yes’ to WoolAid: better for wounds, and better for the world.


  • Breathable:  merino wool allows skin to breathe and heal, while protecting the wound
  • Biodegradable:  our merino fabric is proven to biodegrade by 90%+ within 4 months of being in soil 
  • Multipack:  12 merino wool plasters, 3 x XL (alpine blue) and 12 x Regular plasters (granite grey)
  • Natural:  latex and plastic free, hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, merino wool fabric
  • Tough: built for the outdoors, WoolAid is naturally strong yet flexible and soft-to-touch
  • 15 x adhesive plasters.  3 x XL (76x50mm Alpine Blue) and 12 x Regular (76x19mm)
  • Apply bandage to clean and dry skin
  • If you have any concerns, remove the plaster from skin and consult a medical professional