The most important combination to ensure you are maximising your fun on the mountain is comfort and performance from your ski boots. Here at Racers Edge we offer custom boot fitting with nearly 30 years boot fitting experience. It’s one of our specialities. We have highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with back to back international boot fitting experience. We can guarantee we have the boot (last) to suit your foot shape, and with ongoing boot fitting training we can ensure that you are getting the perfect blend between comfort and performance.

Our aim is to assess your footshape, size you correctly with a professional shell check, and then assess your alignment. From here we can determine whether you have a strong neutral position (the engineered stance of a ski boot) or whether you pronate or supinate, or have a high arch etc etcetera… that then requires a custom footbed.

Regardless Conformable or Superfeet footbed products improve ski boot performance.

Here at Racers Edge we offer custom boot fitting with 20 years boot fitting experience. We have highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with back to back international boot fitting experience. We guarantee our fits, therefore if we are unable to customise the fit to provide the perfect blend of comfort and performance within the season we will happily exchange the boot model to do so.

Custom Foot Beds$168.95
Boot Stretch (per stretch)$20
Boot Heat Installation$40
Buckle Replacement (per buckle. exc buckle)$20
Foam Liner Fitting (per set. exc liner)$60
Intuition Liner Fitting (per boot. exc liner)S20


Ski boots now incorporate cutting edge designs and innovative technology to enhance power transmission onto the ski whilst non-compromising comfort. Four buckled boots have superseded rear entry, and are leading the charge based on the shaped ski revolution. Skiing is no longer just about forward flexion, skiers now require lateral support for a dynamic carving technique. Engineers have focused on additional benefits such as ease of ski boot entry using alternative polyethers, power straps for additional cuff support, pivoting buckles, micro buckle adjustments, canting options and adjustable forward lean to name a few.


Boot prices range from $399 to $1199 from entry level through to expert. The difference is quite substantial with the variation in ski boot moulding and the number of injections the boot encounters, plastics used, buckles, features and liner materials between models which effect support and stiffness required from beginner to expert skiers. Boot stiffness varies through the range as does the different thickness and compounds of PU or Polyether structures used. This is essential to fasten power transmission initiated from the skier into the ski binding interface. The softer the ski boot shell the more forgiving the reaction times, the stiffer the faster it becomes, however only good ski techniques or body mass will be able to flex the boot to get the performance out of it.

With this in mind ski boot manufacturers have created a flex rating scale from beginner to expert.

Beginner50 - 60$349 - $499
Intermediate60 - 80$499 - $799
Expert80 - 110$799 - $1199
Racer110 - 150$1099 - $1199