Ski Boots: How to Get the Perfect Fit

Ski Boots: How to Get the Perfect Fit

Here at Racers Edge, we understand that everyone’s foot is a different shape and size, and so are various ski boots. We believe that finding the right ski boot doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to ask the right questions.

With the assistance of today’s technology and our specialist knowledge, it is our goal to create a personalised solution that has you skiing comfortably and confidently, all day long. It is important to know that a correctly fitted ski boot can make all the difference to your skiing experience as a beginner, all the way through to a professional level. Everyone has a different fit; whether it is your anatomy, skill level or even the terrain you ski. These are just a few factors we take into consideration when selecting the right boot solution to suit your needs.

With an extensive range available, we have ski boots to accommodate most disciplines, whether you’re looking for a lightweight touring option for those days in the backcountry, or just want to rail groomers all day long.

We all wish it was as simple as picking a boot in the colour you like, throwing it on your foot and away you go. When you’re wearing a firm plastic boot all day on the slopes, you want to be thinking about how good the snow conditions are, not about how sore your feet are in your new boots.

Luckily, ski boot manufactures have done well over the years to make our jobs quicker and easier by incorporating technologies such as custom shells and liners, giving us the ability to use heat to get a more precise fit. Heat moulding your boots at Racers Edge is a speedy and easy way to fit your boots to the shape of your foot and ankle. This is an important process to ensure comfort as it eliminates pressure points that are common in new ski or snowboard boots.

We also work with SIDAS to manufacture custom footbeds, moulded to the shape of your foot. This completes the fit by helping maintain a nice neutral position locked within the boot and assists the transfer of power to get the most out of your skill set and ski setup.

To inspire confidence when investing in a new pair of ski boots paired with custom foot beds and heat mould, we offer a fit guarantee to make any further adjustments you may require over the course of the season.

If you have any questions about our boot fitting process, please come in to Racers Edge at 99 Ardmore Street to speak to a member of our boot fitting team.

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