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The Atomic Skis range is built upon a history of pioneering spirit and adventure. Founded way back in 1955, Atomic are one of the elder statesmen of the global skiing community, breaking ground for many of the big names who would follow in their footsteps. The firm were also an early adopter of Schalenski technology, representing Atomic’s innovative approach to design and their commitment to a great experience for riders. Even after sixty years of technical excellence, and with more than a few milestones already under their impressive belts, the Atomic team continue to hit the heights with their skis. Few manufacturers are better placed than these guys to provide you with the super fun, super reliable, super high-performance gear you crave. Based in Altenmarkt in the Austrian alpine region of Salzburg, Atomic draw from a variety of different influences and points of inspiration. Driven in part by the spellbinding mountain landscape of Austria, but also by the passion and joy of the people who ride these slopes, the Atomic team go all out in creating gear and accessories to help you get the best out of your skiing. The Atomic brand may have been launched with the European market in mind, and inspired by that incredible Alpine landscape, but the modern manufacturers are very much a global operation. The company have fans across the continent and beyond and have been providing skiers with technological innovations for decades Examples of these innovations include LiveFit, a great piece of engineering brilliance that enables a skier’s boots to meld to the shape of the foot. A supremely comfortable, ultra enjoyable experience is within your grasp. Of course, Atomic are skiing legends, and so it is important to mention the skis themselves. In this department, riders benefit from the firm’s own DoubleDeck technology, which adapts to individual riding styles for a truly customised experience and an amazing ride. These are just a few of the smart feats of ski engineering which have made Atomic such a force to be reckoned with on the international market. So, how about New Zealand? What to do if you want to buy Atomic skis down here on the picturesque New Zealand slopes we all know and love? Well, don’t worry. A trip to Austria isn't necessary. Instead, simply browse our Atomic range here at Wanaka Snow Shop or get in touch with our team for more info.


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