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It's a great feeling when a ski equipment manufacturer shares your love for the sport and recognises your passion for the slopes. With Blizzard, this is exactly what you get. It's little wonder, then, that more and more of New Zealand's skiers are opting for Blizzard Skis when they snap into their bindings for another run. The Blizzard skis we stock at our Wanaka snow shop are less feats of engineering and technical excellence and more self-contained explosions of joy and passion. Don't be fooled, though. This is a company which takes its commitment to fun very, very seriously indeed. When you choose to buy Blizzard skis, you'll get all the safety, performance, and reliability you need... and you'll more than likely have a blast at the same time. The manufacturers have spent the best part of the last century blazing trails and busting records. Frieda Danzer of Switzerland won world championship gold on Blizzard skis in '58, and Franz Klammer, Erwin Resch, and Jimmy Steiner were all rocking Blizzard equipment when they took Kitzbuhel by storm in 1984. On the technical side of things, the IQ System broke new ground with its integrated ski and binding system in 2006. To put it simply, you're in great hands. So what about Blizzard today? Well, Blizzard Skis are continuing their innovative approach to the sport of skiing, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and scoring big points with riders across the world, and especially down here in Wanaka, New Zealand. The firm's flip Core Rocker technology, for example, has received numerous awards nods for its forward-thinking take on high-level performance and stability. Meanwhile, the already status quo-shattering IQ System has received an upgrade of its own: the lauded R-POWER FS IQ. This sweet concept in binding brings the rider closer to the ski than ever before. You know that sensation when it feels like your skis have become extensions of the self... when everything you try is coming off and you are really tearing up the snow? Prepare to experience that sensation a whole lot more often. Are you ready to feel just what the Blizzard ski range is all about? Perhaps you already know, and you are looking for a smart upgrade for your equipment? You came to the right place. Our Wanaka snow shop is your first choice when it comes to buying Blizzard Skis in New Zealand. Get stuck into our range or speak to our skilled team today.


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