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We all love a bit of speed and excitement. That's what cycling's all about after all! But even those cyclists who are prone to a bit of boundary-pushing badassery will admit that safety has to be high on the agenda, too. The team behind Bontrager is well aware of this. They are cyclists just like you, and they understand how great those feelings of speed and movement are. They also understand how important it is to feel protected and prepared, whether you are out mountain biking on the trails for an hour or two or putting in some serious miles on the road during a much longer session. For example, take a look at the WaveCel technology the Bontrager team has developed. This is a helmet liner that works to absorb impact, keeping you safe and sound even after a bump or scrape. At the same time, the helmet liner remains lightweight and comfortable so you can keep on enjoying your ride at maximum performance, safe in the knowledge that you are protected with some of the best tech out there. Stay safe. Safe is good. But we know there is more to it than this. We also know how good it feels to get a little bit more from your cycling and to push your performance to the next level. Bontrager focuses its innovative development on this too, helping you squeeze that little bit of extra goodness out of your rides. Lightweight, aerodynamic shoes, smooth clipping pedal cleats, and plenty more accessories are available in the formidable Bontrager range. All of these accessories and clothing items have undergone the same rigorous processes of testing and examination as the rest of the Bontrager range, so you know you are working with the best every time you take the bike out for a spin. Here at Racer's Edge in Wanaka, we can't wait to see the kinds of things you can achieve with this great product range. There are so many options for great cycling here in New Zealand – this really is the perfect country for putting Bontrager's gear through its paces. The roads are waiting, the trails are waiting – gear up and get out there, and stay safe, stylish and super-fast while you do. Take a look at the products on offer from Bontrager and find out why so many New Zealand riders are really loving this brand.


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