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A great ski boot is more than just a reliable piece of equipment or a swanky bit of stylish apparel. It is both of these things, of course, but its awesomeness has to go beyond this. This is where a manufacturer like Dalbello really comes into its own. With over 40 years of history under its already impressive belt, you'd expect Dalbello to know a thing or two about how to craft a stunning boot. When the line was started by Alessandro Dal Bello back in 1974, the aim was to create something that married a penchant for fine Italian design with the robust rigours of life on the Alpine slopes. The result was the prototype Dalbello ski touring boots and freestyle ski boots you see today. And the accolades speak for themselves. These are the boots of choice for many of the world's top snow superstars, and have been there at every turn, for every trick, for every bit of awesome air time, and for every epic new line in the development of this sport we all know and love. A slew of Olympic medals, along with a variety of other milestones, don't lie -- Dalbello ski boots are the professional choice. A quick peek at the specs on each of these smart pieces of kit tells us why. Dalbello freestyle ski feature Cabrio design to provide reliable shock absorption, even after a full day on the slopes and ramps. This is backed up by ID Pro thermoformable liners, which offer additional shock protection as well as lightweight warmth and comfort during your ride. The rocker stance of the Dalbello ski boot also enables skiers to keep hitting that sweet spot, maintaining the balance and composure to squeeze the best out of your run. Buyers of Dalbello ski touring boots are similarly well catered for, as grip walk technology offers comfortable and practical hiking when its time to unclip, and the available Dynalink system prevents feet from sliding. All in all, Dalbello do a pretty good job of balancing the kind of heartstopping thrill that drew us all to skiing in the first place, with the technical wizardry that helps us to perform at our best, whether we are carving up the Italian Alps, or hitting a run down here in New Zealand. Talking of New Zealand, the team here at our Wanaka ski shop is proud to be able to bring Dalbello ski boots and accessories to our local market. When you want to buy Dalbello ski boots in Wanaka, you know exactly where you need to come.


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