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When we think of top-class cycling equipment, gear, and apparel, our minds perhaps do not automatically spring to the small European nation of Scotland. This is a shame, however, as one of the industry's leading developers and manufacturers hails from the land of thistles and Braveheart; a manufacturer which is really causing a stir on the global stage too, including down here in New Zealand. Enter Endura. Over the last two and a half decades, these biking enthusiasts have been bringing their innovative products from Scotland to the world, with impressive results. Now, it is the great pleasure of the Wanaka team to bring Endura's range of apparel and equipment pieces to the legions of New Zealand bikers and riders who crave them. So, if you are looking to buy cycling helmets or other pieces in New Zealand, why should you choose Endura? To begin with, Endura has much to bring to the table, in addition to their decades of experience. The manufacturers have a sterling track record of providing top teams and top riders with top clothing and equipment pieces, achieving top results along the way. If you think that's a lot of 'top's, we're just getting started. World cycling mega-celebs, the appropriately named Movistar Team, have used Endura's gear in many of their numerous victories on the global circuit, including a world hour record by rider Alex Dowsett. The fact that this partnership is used in the research and development of Endura's products - rather than just as a smart bit of branding - shows how serious the manufacturer is about providing only the very best to their customers. Other successes powered in part by Endura's innovative approach to cycling equipment, apparel, and tech, include those achieved by the illustrious Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling team. The brand's helmets are among their best-regarded products, and these items bring together a range of elements designed to promote the very highest levels of performance in riders. This means safety and security that you can really rely upon, whether you are racing or just enjoying some well-earned hours out on the road, as well as a commitment to aero-dynamism and anti-drag which is difficult to beat. Looking to buy cycling helmets from Endura in New Zealand? The team here at Wanaka should be your first choice. Take a look at our Endura product range and find exactly what you need. Don't forget to get in touch if you have any questions about any of the products we stock.


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