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Flylow was established by co-founders and longtime friends Greg Steen and Dan Abrams. Both Colorado natives, the pair shared a deep love of mountaineering and skiing. They were inspired to begin Flylow because they weren't happy with the gear and apparel they were using. They struggled to find products suited to backcountry sports and often felt they had to choose between function and style. That's why Flylow's apparel always looks as good as it feels. Since their first products debuted in 2005, Flylow has continued to innovate, designing products for mountaineers, mountain bikers, camping enthusiasts, and other outdoor lovers. Their wide selection of award-winning men and women's outwear and accessories has something for every athlete and traveller. This includes their range of high-end jackets, which are well suited to a variety of temperatures, conditions, and athletic pursuits. They offer lightweight but well-insulated jackets, super-warm puffy jackets, stormproof hardshell jackets, and everything in between. Flylow's diverse inventory also features several versatile vests and countless pants for winter weather. Their pants range from their three-layered bib ski pants to their flexible Ditch pants. Their winter apparel is available in various colours, making it easy to mix and match to suit your unique aesthetic. For maximum warmth and comfort, consider pairing your Flylow pants and jacket with their quality hats and gloves! Flylow's gloves are among the best of the best, whether you opt for their waterproof Ridge glove with pigskin leather, gloves with extended sleeves for extra protection, or one of their more light and breathable options. Their hats are just as cool and cosy, from their low-key beanies to their playful tall-knit beanies with an apple-sized pom up top. Flylow continues to put out new products, all made with premium materials and the latest technology. Though durability and reliability are key features of any Flylow product, style remains one of their top priorities. You'll feel more confident than ever before when rocking Flylow gear on your next outdoor adventure. Looking to shop online or in person for Flylow apparel? New Zealand's Racers Edge is here to help. Our NZ store in Wanaka carries several of the world's top brands for outdoor clothing and camping gear, including Flylow. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to stop by our store or call us at your convenience.


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