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Where does the best conversation come from, the kind of talk that opens doors to new experiences? Where do the best friendships start, the bonds that stand up to the test of time? They all come from an icebreaker - a topic or talking point to get those words flowing and bring people together. It's fitting, then, that the Icebreaker brand provides such awesome pieces of kit and clothing to accompany us on any adventure. Whether we plan on taking to the slopes with our feet strapped into the bindings of our skis or our board, or if we prefer to run, bike, and hike our way around the gorgeous trails of New Zealand, we need clothing which is going to make our journey that much more comfortable and satisfying. This is one of the many reasons why Icebreaker is so vital to our customers in Wanaka and beyond. The Icebreaker story began back in 1995 when a young outdoor enthusiast named Jeremy Moon decided to change the status quo of extreme sports gear. Tired of the petrochemicals and unsustainable practices of the industry, his vision was to create something different - something more natural, more comfortable, and more environmentally responsible; something which was going to help preserve that natural environment we all know and love for future generations. Fast forward several decades, and we can see exactly what Jeremy had in mind. Today, the Icebreaker range features the kind of products that adventure lovers and outdoor explorers rave about. These are ultra light, super durable, mega-stylish pieces of clothing to help you layer up the right way, taking your adventures to the next level. Exploring the wilds of New Zealand is all about taking in that epic landscape and getting to grips with some of the best vistas found anywhere on the planet. However, we know that, deep down, there's a competitive element too - you want to explore, you want to enjoy, you want to experience, but you also want to push your performance levels higher, higher, and higher still, on your way to being the best you can be. Apparel from Icebreaker makes this possible - you're still going to have to put the leg work in yourself, but at least you'll be supported every step of the way. Looking to buy Icebreaker clothes and accessories in New Zealand? Take a look at our range of products online, or pop in to visit us in Wanaka. We'll help you find precisely what you need.


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