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Having the right kit on has always been an essential part of looking and feeling your very best. The most comfortable, the most stylish, the best value - this is what all of us look for when it comes to choosing our new favourite wardrobe staple. But when you're biking, hiking, running, or otherwise exploring the rugged beauty of a New Zealand landscape, the stakes are higher. For those of us who like our Wanaka pursuits to be a little more on the extreme side, we need clothing which is up to the challenge. This is where Mons Royale come in. As a respected outdoor clothing brand, Mons Royale knows all about what it means to stay comfortable, safe, and healthy, both on and off the trail, and to look great at the same time. The brand's range is all about layers - starting with socks and underwear designed to provide maximum comfort while you are out there doing what you do best. Next comes the base layer, with everything from super comfy bottoms, through to lightweight tank tops and more rugged long sleeve tops on offer. The base layer is followed by the shirts, hoodies, pants, and jackets of the mid layer, and finished off with bike shorts, insulated vests, and ski jackets on the top layer. But there's more. The brand also provides a range of accessories which are designed to ensure full comfort and maximum enjoyment while exploring the beauty of our New Zealand home. From beanies and hats, balaclavas and neckwear, right up to Alice bands, belts, flasks, and lanyards, the Mons Royale range is well equipped to give intrepid explorers the right kind of kit for their next adventure. Together, these high-quality products represent the perfect way to mix and match your style when you're heading out into the wild. Mons Royale's devoted customers - and, trust us, there are rather a lot of them - combine these layers into effective outfits which are just as suited to a session of relaxation and reflection at the end of the day as they are to pushing boundaries up on the peak. For those looking to buy Mons Royale clothing in Wanaka, we are proud to be able to connect you with this exciting range. Browse the products we have for sale online, or come and visit us in Wanaka, as you prepare for that next big adventure in the mountains, whether you will be exploring in the saddle, or on foot.


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