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MSR Gear began life with one key motivation in mind – safety at altitude. A life spent on the mountains had taught Larry Penberthy plenty. He’d learned all about the beauty of the Alpine environment, got to know more about the sense of achievement that comes from overcoming adversity, and gained an understanding of himself and his own capabilities along the way. But there was something else – the knowledge that, in the midst of a gnarly storm in some of the most unforgiving conditions on the planet, the right bit of kit goes a long way. The right equipment keeps mountaineers performing at their best, turning good days into great ones. But, on the worst days, the right equipment does far more than this – it keeps mountaineers safe, it keeps them alive. It’s been half a century since Larry Penberthy first developed those early Mountain Safety Research projects, and the company and its team are still going from strength to strength. Today, MSR remains at the pinnacle of the mountain survival equipment field – a fitting tribute to the ambition and drive of their founder. Here at Racers Edge, we provide MSR mountaineering kit, such as cooking systems and cooking fuel, at our store in Wanaka, NZ, as well as in our online shop. You’ll find a range of different MSR products at Racers Edge, including ultra-light, ultra-durable skillets, pans, and other cookware. The range also includes ergonomically designed teapots and kettles – when the temperatures start to plummet and the snow starts to bite, the ability to brew up can be very welcome indeed! This is backed up by cooking fuels designed to keep climbers, skiers, and other mountain sports enthusiasts in the game, and safe and sound, for longer, expanding the boundaries of what’s possible on an expedition. Utilised by expert rock climbers like Nina Caprez, skiers and snowboarders like Hilaree Nelson and Jeremy Jones, and by a whole host of other professionals who make their livings – and pursue their passions – up there on the mountain, you’re in great company when you use MSR kit. New Zealand provides rugged landscapes and incredible climbing opportunities. While our peaks don’t quite hit the heights of the Himalaya, Andes, Rockies, or Alps, the terrain here in NZ still demands respect and care. Stay prepared when you next hit the slopes, crags, and summits of our beautiful land – pack Mountain Safety Research’s equipment in your expedition kit.

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