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Mention the word 'sunglasses', and it won't be long before someone pops up with the word 'Oakley'. The brand has become so synonymous with comfortable, stylish, and protective eyewear that it is difficult to imagine an extreme sports wardrobe without a pair or two of these famous sunglasses. So, why is that? Why are Oakley products so ubiquitous in our wardrobes, on our mountain slopes here in Wanaka, and, of course on our faces? First up is quality, with a side order of toughness and durability. Whether you are a skier, a mountain biker, a climber, or a hiker, you know how rough and ready the New Zealand terrain is. You also know how easy it is for sunglasses to be dropped, to be bashed, to be scuffed, to be bumped, and to fall victim to all manner of other careless catastrophes caused by a moment's distraction. Your sunglasses are an investment, and you expect them to be able to stand up to this sort of punishment. With Oakley, you know that this is the case, which is why so many customers come to us to buy Oakley glasses in Wanaka and across New Zealand. When it comes to finding an accessory you can rely on out in the mountains, you need a brand you can trust. Second is style and design. Of course, when you are out on the slopes, off exploring the trails, or venturing off-piste, effectiveness and reliability are your two main concerns. But this doesn't mean you don't want to look your best at the same time. Oakley sunglasses are old hands at combining this kind of high level of quality with heavy doses of style and elegance. Browse the versatile range, and you'll see what we mean - you'll find traditional glasses styles in the Oakley Holbrook collection, a more forward-thinking, technical aesthetic in the Radar EV Path biking sunglasses product, and a cool, crisp look from the Flight Deck and Line Miner Snow Goggles. Whatever style you need, for whatever purpose, and in whatever configuration, you are going to find it in the Oakley range. We are thrilled to bring these great products to customers right here in Wanaka, New Zealand. If you want to buy Oakley in New Zealand, you came to the right place - take a look at our range, come and visit us at our store in Wanaka, or give us a call if you have any questions or queries for our team.


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