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Feel the clouds at your feet with On running shoes. A shared love for running and a mission to develop a shoe that fit the concept of a ‘cushioned landing, firm take-off’ brought together Olivier Bernhard, three-time world duathlon and multiple Ironman champion, and his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. Early on, Bernhard embarked in earnest on finding a running shoe that provided what he called ‘the perfect running sensation’ akin to running on clouds. When Bernhard met a Swiss engineer who already had an idea to develop a new breed of running shoes, they devoted the next few years to developing and refining that idea — a perfect pair of shoes that gave the wearer a sensation similar to running on clouds. In January 2010, Bernhard, Coppetti and Allemann established their On running shoe business in Zürich. And about a month later, the prototypes for their dream pair of running shoes won the ISPO BrandNew Award for innovation in sports. The trio was very close to fulfilling their mission, as test runners eagerly talked about the sensation of running on clouds. By July 2010, On running shoes finally hit the shelves. Fast-forward to today: On has conquered the global stage with more than 6,500 premium retail stores spread across over 50 countries. Aside from manufacturing running shoes, On also makes hiking shoes, apparel and accessories. On continues to innovate and develop running shoes that are responsive to not only the needs of wearers but also the environment. The shoemaker’s drive towards sustainability and ethical business practices is nothing short of impressive. On uses sustainable packaging that drastically minimises the company's ink, paper and plastic consumption and reduces carbon emissions. They have eco-sustainable products made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves. The icing on the cake would be On’s Cyclon Cloudneo — a 100% recyclable pair of running shoes available for subscription in 2022. Want to know more? Watch this space. Meanwhile, you can shop online for On shoes from the comfort of your home at New Zealand’s Racers Edge. You can also personally get your On shoes at our Wanaka NZ store. Racers Edge features an impressive collection of outdoor wear, camping supplies and sports equipment brands. We also sell footwear and various athletic gear from globally renowned brands. We rent out skis, snowboards and mountain bikes too. If you need more information about On running shoes or any of the products in our NZ store, please contact us.

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