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Scott Unsworth – triathlon champion, master athlete both in and out of water, and all round sports aficionado – felt something was not quite right. While there were plenty of wetsuits out there, and plenty of options for water sports fans just like him, there seemed to be a gap in the market. So he set to work, dreaming of – and then designing – a wetsuit that was faster, stronger, better than anything else available. Orca was born. This was back in 1992, and much has changed in the past three decades. While Orca and their wetsuit range has helped to spearhead a new way of enjoying the water and pushing the boundaries of athletic possibility, the team has never stopped striving to do more and be more for triathletes, surfers, swimmers, water-skiers, kayakers, paddle-boarders, and anyone else who can’t get enough of life in, on, and around the blue stuff. Today’s Orca range represents all that’s great about a top-quality wetsuit. Take the Sonar line, providing flexibility, agility, and safety to athletes of all backgrounds, with a super buoyant lower half and an ultra flexible top section for maximum control and performance. And then there’s the Predator, with precision buoyancy supplied in key points across the suit, delivering the optimal body position and reducing drag when it matters. These products are joined by the Equip – a suit designed for natural swimmers that keeps the wearer’s body in a comfortable position, making even the most strenuous swims and activities a joy. Orca has added to their range over the years, complementing a set of awesome wetsuits with similarly well-loved accessories and other pieces of equipment. From goggles and pull floats through to safety bags and calf protectors, Orca provides a wealth of different products aimed at keeping those great times coming in the water. Here at Racers Edge, we are proud to be able to bring the Orca line to swimmers and athletes here in Wanaka, NZ. New Zealand is a playground for anyone who loves to get their kicks in the water, and Orca provides the perfect accompaniment to this. We want to make it easier for you to connect with the perfect pieces of Orca equipment and wetsuit apparel. Shop online in the Racers Edge store and find exactly what you need. Orca may be entering its fourth decade at the top, but there’s plenty more to come from this amazing team.

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