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Quicksilver: def. 1: The liquid form of the metal, mercury. One of the most volatile and temperamental elements around. def. 2: A metaphor used to describe something lightning fast and constantly changing. In other words, something seriously exci ting. Drop the "c," and what do you get? Quiksilver. Now it all starts to make sense. Picture it. You're pushing it up there on the mountain – really pushing it, even more than you normally do. Every fibre of your being is firing on all cylinders today, and you're really getting the best out of yourself, your board, your kit, and your experience. How does that feel? Possibly a little like the definitions above – like something alive and unstable in your hands, and yet, at the same time, something thrilling and exciting. This is the feeling that Quiksilver are tapping into – not only with their name, but with their design ethos, too. You'll see this in their product range, and you'll be able to feel every ounce of that passion when you try on one of these sweet garms for size. Basically, Quiksilver themselves admit that they are no good at following trends. Instead, they much prefer setting them. And who could argue? Over the last few decades, when the big snowboarding brands have been separated into the trendsetters and the chasing pack, Quiksilver have been able to count themselves among the former, time and time again. But let's slow down a little bit. We know that Quiksilver are trailblazers, pioneers, sultans of all things snow. We also know that their gear looks the part, and that we look cool (or, at least, hope we do) when we are tearing up the piste in their kit. But what is it that really sets Quiksilver apart? What tangible goodies do Quiksilver provide? Well, one look at the range provides the answer. WarmFlight Eco Insulation keeps riders warm without compromising the environment, while DryFlight Tech keeps you dry and comfortable even as you open up the throttle. Recycled materials push the green factor even further, and taped seams, adjustable wrist gaskets, breathable fabrics, and crucial mesh venting come together to create an unreal experience both on and off the slopes. Racers Edge are proud to be one of the New Zealand retailers bringing this incredible product range to New Zealand, and we are doubly proud that you have chosen us in your search for Quiksilver-goodness. Head to the Racers Edge Wanaka store to find exactly what you need.


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