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Though initially a swimwear line by outdoor clothing brand Quiksilver, Roxy has since expanded its offerings with a series of epic snow wear pieces. Women across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond have trusted Roxy to deliver premium quality beanies, boots, jackets, and more. Every piece is designed for athletes, all while still being feminine and stylish. In the decades since its founding in 1990, Roxy has continued to support outdoorsy women worldwide by hosting several all-girls pro snowboarding events. The dedication the Roxy team has for female athletes is present in their products. This global lifestyle brand offers a wide selection of clothing for snowboarders, skiers, hikers, and anyone else seeking adventure outdoors. This includes a diverse selection of warm yet breathable and flexible coats. There's snow jackets with faux fur hoods, well-insulated waterproof jackets, lightweight snow jackets, and much more. Roxy also offers fleece hoodies in a variety of colours to fit comfortably underneath! Coats are a major aspect of Roxy's snow wear collection, but the brand also has several functional and beautiful accessories. These accessories are incredibly easy to mix and match with your other snow wear. Roxy's line of accessories features acrylic knit beanies, fluffy polyester beanies, cosy neck warmers, knitted scarfs, and a series of waterproof leather boots. Roxy also incorporates many technological innovations into its products to give its customers the best possible experience. Its snowboard and ski goggles, for example, have undergone a thorough anti-fog treatment. Another great example is its gloves, which have a HydroSmart liner that's gentle on skin and a touchscreen-compatible pad on the index finger. They're also waterproofed with Roxy's very own DryFlight technology. Roxy's products are sure to have you looking and feeling your best all winter long. Though its snow wear is immediately eye-catching for its impeccable style, it's the durability of Roxy's products that truly stands out. It's for that reason that New Zealand's Racers Edge always maintains a full stock of fantastic Roxy gear, which you can shop for online or in person. Roxy is one of the many top brands we carry at our NZ store in Wanaka. By collaborating with such world-class brands, we are able to make our selection of outdoor clothing truly unmatched. If you have any questions about Roxy or any of the other products we carry, please don't hesitate to give us a call or visit us at our shop.


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